Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Nursing Implication

Nursing Practice

This case study aims to educate the people about dengue fever. Furthermore, this study will help in the nursing practice by providing information about the proper management and care for patient with dengue fever especially on the prevention of the disease, thus the knowledge that we gain could be applied in clinical settings.

Nursing education

Education plays a vital role in nursing profession. Knowledge that we gain from education will be helpful in actual experience to different hospitals

This knowledge can be inculcated by the nurses through education from schools, hospitals, reference books and informative magazines.

Nursing Research

This study, dengue fever will be helpful in both home and clinical settings. This case study aims to inculcate to people everything about Dengue fever. We are prompting awareness to the people to be able to prevent the development of the disease. We wanted to focus on preventive measures. Thus, this case study will increase awareness about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and clean environment.

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