Monday, March 9, 2009

My reaction paper for "Rizal sa DApitan"

Reaction Paper for the Movie “Rizal sa Dapitan”

“Difficulties are not the reasons to give up but an inspiration to move on.” This dictum I think was on the mind of Dr. Jose P. Rizal when he was in Dapitan. He never gave up serving our country’s cause, even though the Spanish tried to deteriorate his life by threatening.

On July 17, 1892 the day when his exile began in Dapitan where he suffered, harassed and threatened his life by the Spaniards. This exile also strengthened his nationalism, love for his family, for the people of Dapitan and where his happiness happened.

In Dapitan, he was an exemplary person to the youth because he builds school for theme. Furthermore, he taught his students arnis, wrestling, boxing and swimming without tuition fees.

Rizal also gave medical assistance and free medicines to the poor person which was a very sincere action. He also operated his mother’s right eye in Dapitan.

One thing that I adored when he was in Dapitan was his community projects which consisted of water system and lighting system where the life of the people became easier.

He became also a farmer, businessman and a scientist and inventor in Dapitan where he became famous.

While he was in Dapitan, someone threatened his life and that was Florencio Namanan (Pablo Mercado) where Rizal showed his excellence in martial arts,

He met Josephine Bracken in Dapitan who later became his wife. The relationship of the two was opposed by Father Antonio Obach where he degraded Rizal as a person. That instance, strengthened his love for Josephine and late was pregnant but sadly it was miscarried.

Dr. Pio Valenzuela went to Dapitan to tell Rizal about the plans of the Katipunan which was objected by him. And on July 31, 1896 Rizal’s exile came to an end.

Truly the movie “Rizal sa Dapitan” was a very good movie because it showcased how Rizal love the country. This is a movie for the Filipino and must be treasured because of its nationalistic theme. No doubt, Rizal’s life was very exciting and purposeful.

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